What you pay less than what you get

Email: info@micro-life.com

Registered in Information Technology Industry Development Agency

Historical background

The company works in the field of production and development of software since 2008, including the development of highly professional, easy to use solutions for different purposes. We have a history for data systems development for government and high scale companies
Our mission and vision

Professionalism, high quality, stable and effective software solutions putting into consideration the ease of use.
One of our goals is to enable the Arabic and non-Arabic user to make the best benefit from different modern technologies.
Our philosophy

We put into our consideration that our products require a continuous customer service, so we focus on our customer detailed needs. That makes us completely responsible for our system performance and data security for all customers

Our aim

Complete customer satisfaction, Introducing Top quality software products and services followed by life time monitoring, that enable us to eliminate critical time software bugs.
Technical support

We offer reliable technical support for our software solutions to help our customer to maintain his desired work flow.

You can keep in touch with your work even if you are far away from your office, thanks to our web based system that enable full work control over the internet. We also offer full time technical support through our home page

Customer satisfaction

High standard customer support is our priority including support from our home page, telephone call or personal visits 24/7
Money saving

We offer the most benefit from our products with competitive low price. We develop a fully customized system to meet any work demand supported with powerful security features.