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Internet Marketing Strategy

To start your e-marketing Plan with Microlife (you should set your e-marketing annual budget – it’s from 25% upto 40% from your annul marketing budget), we start on the following:

  • Sending the assessment form to identify the targeted customers and markets accurately.

  • Determining the key words that will be used to reach your website through the search engines “we send you a table of three columns one to determine all the products key words; second for company key words and the third for the markets keywords”.

  • We start using some software that analyze these key words and start on the composition of the search engine phrases and the weight of these phrases which depends on an equation “The number of visitors who are looking for these phrases attributed to the number of websites under these phrases that are registered on search engines.

  • We start on redrafting of the content that will be included in the website where we use the search engine phrases the greatest number of times within the website content so as to maintain the repetition Without prejudice to the sense.

  • We also rename both the photos and videos that will be included in the website with the search engine phrases to grantee and ensure the emergence of these photos and videos in the search engines while we are searching with these phrases.

  • We work on the following marketing channels:

    • Search engines “international and local according to the targeted markets.

    • Business directories which is more than 100000 directories.

    • Market places which is more than 450 marketplace.

    • Bulk e-mails “depending on the website visitors database which is collected through several forms along the website:

      • Newsletter Registration

      • Tell a Friend

      • Feedback

      • Order Form

      • Registrations Forms

      • Offline Clients Contact

  • Our plan regarding the bulk e-mails works as follows:

    • Using the e-mails addresses that have already been collected from the previously mentioned channels.

    • We start on designing; preparing and sending periodic newsletters; promotions and special offers for your company
      products or services.

    • We send them to all our e-mail addresses which is collected from the website or from your outlets.

  • Marketing through social networks (search engines groups - Facebook - Twitter - Forums - Blogs) so as to establish the whereabouts of the company on these communities and we train one or two employees in your esteemed company to do to communicate with our e-marketing team dedicated for your project.

  • Ads (banners on the sites with high traffic) of the targeted customers to your esteemed company in targeted markets.

  • Marketing using video files.

  • Marketing using images.

  • Marketing using articles

  • Marketing using files (The PDF)

  • Banners exchange with the companies that sells complementary products or services.

  • Competitions

  • Games

The difference between budgets for a company from “150000; 200000; 300000; 500000 to million; 5 million; 10 million or more annually are as follows:

  • The number of members of our team that works on the project.

  • The number of the search engine phrases that will be used to work on the search engine.

  • The number of search engine phrases that we will use for advertising on search engines.

  • The subscription paid on the market places in case of suitability of the product for exporting for countries outside Oman and the number of the markets that we are going to subscribe at “paid subscription not the free one”.

  • The number of banners that we are going to announce on the targeted website and the number of the views on these websites.

  • How to advertise on the social media and the numbers of the viewers for these announcements.

  • Reaching the cost of visitor and the client very fast through working intensively on the marketing channels that suite the targeted customers in the targeted markets.

This is in addition to very important notes we have to remember when ever we talk about e-marketing:

  • It’s cumulative marketing not recursive marketing which means that in case of advertising in any of the traditional marketing channels like newspapers advertisements; the effect of this advertisements evaporates gradually after the issuance of the newspaper; when we need more advertisements we should repeat it which mean that it’s recursive advertising while the e-marketing is by more than 80 % cumulative marketing which means that our presence on the search engines cannot be removed but the experience will increase the ranking and also regarding the social media we create a society of the company that can be accessed at any time, and so for most of the e-marketing channels).

  • The e-marketing budget for one year is a very small amount compared to the traditional or the off line marketing budgets for example (the cost of participating in local and international exhibitions - the cost of promotional materials for the company- the cost of promotional materials for the company, such as printing materials, documentary films and multimedia CDS….ect. Therefore Most of the companies deduct fixed rates from the budget of traditional marketing serve it for the e-marketing, and this ratio is about 30% (which means if the budget for traditional marketing for example 10 million riyals annually 3 million are placed for the e-marketing budget, and this budget can be used to reach very large numbers of visitors compared with that reached using the same budget for traditional marketing with reference to the necessity of doing both types of marketing in parallel).

  • The determined percentage of e-marketing budget should increase annually by 10% of the budget of traditional marketing so that it can be raised after 4 years to 70% of the traditional marketing budget and this is determined according to the results that will be accomplished in the first 6 months, as well as well as the sales value that will be based on this budget in the first year.

  • E-marketing wants some time for analysis of at least 3 to four months to confirm the presence and ranking on most of the channels that depends on the cumulative presence.

  • Any amounts paid in e-marketing will be invested because we are investing in raising the ranking in the channels we guarantee our continuous presence.

  • We have developed a way for a monthly payment to build trust with our valued customers and to allow the customer to stop at any time to continue in the marketing plan in the absence of his consent for the results achieved (for more than 15 years ago in this field no one stopped from using e-marketing due to the increase of the number of users of the Internet day after day, making the cost of reaching the visitor very small through the channels of e-marketing when comparing the use of traditional marketing methods)
    We can consider amending the budget by increasing or decreasing after the first six months (because we will reach the decision according to the analyzed information regarding the cost of the visit for each channel as well as the cost of client per- marketing channel.